Our Team

Our staff are selected because they have demonstrated their commitment to driving your business forward.

We encourage our staff to continuously develop their skills by providing them with the time and resources they need to become the best in their field of interest.

David Pretorius


David loves to find ways to use technology as an educator and enabler for individuals and businesses.

Gordon Anderson

Senior Technician

Gordon applies his knowledge of enterprise-level systems to small businesses

Jin-oh Choi

Solutions Architect

Jin-oh is a highly skilled and committed master of technology.

Daniel Johns


Daniel is a hard-working problem solver that never lets technology beat him.

Matthew Cox


Matt is an expert in getting stuff done across a wide range of technology platforms.

Rebecca Perkins

Customer Success Manager

Rebecca is an ambitious go-getter with a passion for learning new business skills.

Shakierra Evans

Trainee Technician

Shakierra is our young gun IT trainee with an ambition to learn as much as she can all while providing a top-notch service to clients.

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Co-authored by Hayden Armstrong, Director at Armstrong's Insurance Brokers