Our Team

Our staff are selected because they have demonstrated their commitment to driving your business forward.

We encourage our staff to continuously develop their skills by providing them with the time and resources they need to become the best in their field of interest.

David Pretorius


David loves to use technology as a means for educating and empowering clients and staff to reach their full potential.

Rebecca Perkins

Customer Success Manager

Rebecca is an ambitious go-getter. She manages the IT and admin teams to make sure Eaglecrest always go above and beyond for clients.

Shay Hosking

Professional Services Manager

Shay combines his love of IT and managing people to deliver the best solutions for clients.

Vanessa Van Bohemen

Financial Controller

Vanessa draws on experience in IT, administration, management and finance to help clients manage their businesses more effectively.

Gordon Anderson

Senior Technician

Gordon uses his knowledge of enterprise-level systems to deliver 'outside the box' solutions to small businesses.

Jin-oh Choi

Service Desk

Jin-oh is a highly skilled master of technology, specialised in disaster recovery, storage and security.

Kyle Howard


Kyle is always up for a challenge and loves problem solving to find the best solution for any tech problem.

Daniel Johns


Daniel is a hard-core problem solver who never lets technology beat him.

Shakierra Evans


Shakierra is our young-gun IT trainee with an ambition to learn as much as she can all while providing a top-notch service to clients.

Transform with Technology

In Part 2 of our Microsoft Partner Summit release, we look at how your organisation can change and grow to take advantage of some the best technology in the world!