Daniel Johns

Daniel is a hard-core problem solver who never lets technology beat him.


Daniel a 'Technician Extraordinaire' and holds a Cert IV in IT, is a Microsoft certified solutions associate specialising in Office 365.

What does he love most about Eaglecrest?

Daniel is somewhat of an Eaglecrest veteran, having been part of the team since 2011. His favourite thing about Eaglecrest is the breadth of the work they do, meaning that he’s been able to dabble in different areas of IT in order to find something that really clicks with him. He also loves that the team are very supportive and dynamic, playing off each other’s strengths.

What’s his favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

His specialties are all things Office 356, SharePoint and cloud.

What’s his ideal way to spend the weekend?

Ideally, he likes to spend the weekend playing video games.

Does he have any hidden talents?

Yes, but if he told us, they wouldn’t be so hidden.

His go-to karaoke song?

Singing isn’t Daniel’s preferred choice of communication. Interpretive dance, though….(just kidding).

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