David Pretorius

David loves to use technology as a means for educating and empowering clients and staff to reach their full potential.


David has a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Diploma of Education. He’s been running the ship as ‘Fearless Leader’ since September 2017.

What does he love most about Eaglecrest?

He loves watching young minds learn how to break down complex human responses, and watch them grow professionally to better serve clients.

What’s his favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

If you hadn’t picked it already, he’s a leader at heart and loves mentoring the younger staff...also drawing on the whiteboard (who doesn’t?).

What’s his ideal way to spend the weekend?

David’s ideal way to spend the weekend is at Cocobean with his wife, holding her hand.

What superhero would you love to be?

And when asked what superhero he’d love to be, he said ‘Wonder Woman’.

Does he have any hidden talents?

David’s a real renaissance man...he wants to learn to play a heavy metal 8 string guitar!

His go-to karaoke song?

For David, the best banger in the book is ‘Kentucky Woman’ by Neil Diamond.

If he was any type of food, what would he be?

He’d be a chocolate fondant, of course - gooey on the inside!

The name of his (hypothetical) autobiography?

If he was ever to write an autobiography it would be called ‘Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned...Lessons I Have Learnt’.

If he could design any app?

He’d make a quick mentoring app that could help young people access tools to think their way through messy situations.

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