Gordon Anderson

Gordon uses his knowledge of enterprise-level systems to deliver 'outside the box' solutions to small businesses.


Gordon has a Diploma of Management & Leadership, Certificate IV in Project Management and PRINCE2 Fundamentals qualification. It’s safe to say there’s not much room left on his wall!

What does he love most about Eaglecrest?

He loves that at Eaglecrest they aim to deliver their customers a service like no other - and he should know! He’s been with Eaglecrest since 2015.

What’s his favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

Gordon loves anything that challenges him to think outside the box and find a non-mainstream solution.

What’s his ideal way to spend the weekend?

Gordon likes to keep it casual on the weekends, chilling out with friends and family.

What superhero would you love to be?

If he could be any superhero, it’d be Dr Raymond Palmer, the mighty Atom!

Does he have any hidden talents?

He lives a secret double life. Tech Account Manager by day, builder by night, engineering mega structures around his home.

His go-to karaoke song?

Although his best years are still ahead of him, his go-to song is ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ by Cher.

If he was any type of food, what would he be?

His food of choice would would be the mushroom, because he thrives in the dark at home!

The name of his (hypothetical) autobiography?

Being young at heart, he’d title his autobiography: ‘Age Has No Barriers’.

If he could design any app?

He’d design an app that would have the ability to turn back time and reduce age...to go with his song!

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