Jin-oh Choi

Jin-oh is a highly skilled master of technology, specialised in disaster recovery, storage and security.


Man, myth, legend...these are just a few of Jin-Oh's qualifications. He is also a Sophos Certified Engineer, Apple certified professional 10.11 and has a Bachelor of Applied Computing (UTAS).

What does he love most about Eaglecrest?

He’s been at Eaglecrest since 2014, and loves the people and challenges that push you to your limits.

What’s his favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

His favourite projects to work on are those that involve disaster recovery, storage and security.

What superhero would you love to be?

He’d be Deadpool because of his sense of humor!

Does he have any hidden talents?

He doesn’t know if he has any hidden talents, due to them being hidden.

His go-to karaoke song?

He likes to kick it old-school-style with ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ and ‘Baby Shark’.

The name of his (hypothetical) autobiography?

His autobiography would be called ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’, on account of his stellar disaster recovery skills.

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