Rebecca Perkins

Rebecca is an ambitious go-getter. She manages the IT and admin teams to make sure Eaglecrest always go above and beyond for clients.


Bec has a Certificate III in Business, is currently working on her Certificate IV in Business, and is working toward studying a Bachelor of Business at University. What’s that song that goes ‘Business degrees! Gotta catch ‘em all! It’s you and me I know it’s our destiny! Business degrees!’...

What does she love most about Eaglecrest?

She loves she loves that Eaglecrest is one big family - internally as colleagues, but also with clients.

What’s her favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

Bec’s loves a bit of collaboration and group brainstorming, so her favourite kind of work is anything that brings the whole team together.

What’s her ideal way to spend the weekend?

Her ideal weekend activity involves roadtrippin’ with the girls, or kicking back with family.

What superhero would she love to be?

She’s not much into superhero movies, but she’d love to be Gal Gadot (as Wonder Woman)... although the team would probably say she’s already pretty wonderful!

Does she have any hidden talents?

She low-key can make the best brownies around, and is secretly a pro clarinet player.

If she could design any app?

Her kind of app is one which gives common sense answers to those everyday questions for when common sense is lacking...OR one which helps indecisive people (like herself) make decision!

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