Shakierra Evans

Shakierra is our young-gun IT trainee with an ambition to learn as much as she can all while providing a top-notch service to clients.


Certificate III in Information, Digital Media and Technology.

What does she love most about Eaglecrest?

Shakierra’s been on the team since April and her favourite thing about Eaglecrest is that everyone’s like family. They want to see each other grow and learn to be the best they can possibly be - professionally AND personally.

What’s her favourite kind of project to work on at Eaglecrest?

She loves to get hands on! Nothing makes her happier than unscrewing laptops and diving deep down into the hardware side of things!

What’s her ideal way to spend the weekend?

Her idea of the perfect weekend involves getting out in the sunshine, hiking/walking and being with friends.

What superhero would she love to be?

Shakierra would be the oh-so-kickass Jessica Jones because she isn’t trying to save the world, just tackle each day as it comes.

Her go-to karaoke song?

She loves to kick it to ‘Travelin’ Soldier’ by The Dixie Chicks.

The name of her (hypothetical) autobiography?

Shakierra’s autobiography would be: ‘A Step-By-Step Guide on How Not To Be Perfect - An Autobiography by Me’. Of course, those who know her might disagree, since they know what a gun she is!

If she could design any app?

For those animal-lovers like herself who can’t yet commit to having their own pet, she’d love to design an app that lets you care for animals for a week and delivers them to your doorstep.

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