Your It Dept valued clients, you're in the right place and we're still here!

But some things have changed, we have joined forces with the team at Eaglecrest.

This partnership came as YourITdept and Eaglecrest recognise the need to merge capacities and specialities in order to deliver exceptional services and innovative solutions to their clients, growing our team to a capable, talented team of 17.

With technology evolving daily and business in Tasmania going from strength to strength, it is vital for service providers such as ours to pivot with the times and unearth ways to add value for clients.

A note from Bernard Martin, Your IT Dept

Since 2008, YourITdept has been serving Tasmanian clients in all areas of IT support and strategy, becoming like a business partner to each client.

The YourITdept team will continue to provide their top-notch support to all their existing clients and look forward to exploring the synergies available from this partnership, as we feel we have a whole lot to give. We are certain that in this instance the new ‘whole’ is going to be much greater than the sum of the two terrific halves.

The team of YourITdept will be transitioning to the Eaglecrest site on Canning Street Launceston over the coming weeks.

The team of YourITdept are greatly looking forward to working alongside the Eaglecrest team & discovering what the future holds for us all. We are all of the belief that our futures are bright together, and are excited about what we can bring to our customers both present and future.

Joining forces

Eaglecrest and YourITdept specialise in providing small and medium organisations with their ICT services. From procurement, support and high-level business strategy, our “enterprise” trained team are there to meet and exceed those requirements.

Due to the enterprise underpinning of our people, process, systems and partnerships, we are able to leverage our bespoke services into larger, organisations where there is already an in house ICT team. Government (state and local), national and international corporates, as well as education departments all enjoy ongoing engagement and support from our teams. At Eaglecrest we strive to deliver extraordinary ICT services without exception.

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