Keep your staff productive with regularly updated computer equipment for a low monthly fee.

Hardware-as-a-Service takes the hassle out of managing the technology needs for an organisation and places the obligation on Eaglecrest to keep your business at the cutting edge.

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What is Hardware-as-a-Service?

Hardware-as-a-Service (or HaaS) is a simple, cost-effective way for your business to access and maintain a state-of-the-art hardware platform in a cost-effective manner. Initiating a Hardware-as-a-Service program is easy:

  1. Choose your Equipment. You define the type of hardware you need (servers, computers and laptops), how powerful you need it to be and how often you want it refreshed (usually every two or three years).
  2. Confirm the Roles and Responsibilities. You delegate the responsibility of supplying your business the technology it needs to Eaglecrest Technologies.
  3. You Become More Productive with Brand New Equipment. Eaglecrest Technologies supply, install and support your new servers, computers, laptops and peripherals with upgrades performed on the prearranged timelines.
  4. You Pay a Low Monthly Fee. You pay a low monthly-fee based on the hardware you have chosen without having to pay a large bill upfront.

What are the benefits of Hardware-as-a-Service?

Purchasing new computer equipment can be a costly and time consuming process, but it can also be simple. The only question you need answered is "What is the specific computer equipment my business needs to achieve its goals?". Matching your computer equipment to leverage the strengths of your business is only one of the benefits of HaaS.

  1. It is a better financial decision for your business. Hardware-as-a-Service requires no up-front capital investment, freeing up your valuable capital for use in other areas of the organisation. It also provides predictable, understandable equipment costs to aid planning and cashflow over the next three to five years - such as a new business-grade laptop for less than a cup of coffee per day!
  2. It is a better management decision for your business. By outsourcing the planning, sourcing, financing, deployment and management of your IT equipment to Eaglecrest Technologies, you refocus your organisation on delivering value for your clients. You will have fewer suppliers to deal with, fewer IT issues slowing you down and fewer complaints from staff or customers.
  3. It allows you to be more responsive in the marketplace. HaaS enables you to upgrade your technology as your business needs and strategy change, allowing you to take advantage of opportunities quicker and more effectively.
  4. It reduces the cyber security risks to your organisation. Out-dated and inconsistent hardware is the second main cause of cyber security risks to a business. Hardware-as-a-Service removes this by providing an up-to-date, consistent operating platform.

Why Hardware-as-a-Service from Eaglecrest?

Our HaaS programs have been developed by us to meet the needs of businesses in Tasmania. Traditionally, HaaS is only available for businesses that have over 100 staff, but we have designed and funded our plans so that it is cost-effective for a business with only 10 staff. In addition to this, Hardware-as-a-Service from Eaglecrest is perfectly matched with a Managed Service Level Agreement to ensure you that you get expert help and assistance when you need it so that you can focus on growing your business.

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