Digital Ready

How Eaglecrest Technologies are helping Tasmanian businesses to get more from social media, online advertising and cloud-based tools.


Project Details

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Key Contact Nat Gee

The Digital Ready program is an initiative from the Department of State Growth that aims to help Tasmanian small businesses improve their understanding and skills across a range of online tools.

Eaglecrest Technologies were chosen by the Department of State Growth to deliver Digital Ready across multiple locations in Northern Tasmania for 2015 and 2016. Topics presented by Eaglecrest Technologies as part of Digital Ready include:

If you want to find out how your business can better utilise social media and cloud-based programs, head to to find out more and register your interest.

Recent Technology Goals for Digital Ready:


Understand how to use a range of online tools to grow your business


Learn how cloud-based programs can improve your business


Gain personalised coaching and digital advice for your business

Next Steps

Through Digital Ready, Eaglecrest Technologies have provided one-one-coaching on websites, social media and digital business tools to over 100 small businesses and facilitated over 50 group workshops to more than 500 people. In November, Eaglecrest Technologies will be conducting the final Digital Ready program for 2016 in Scottsdale in North-East Tasmania and we look forward to continue this immensely valuable program in 2017!

Eaglecrest Technologies have done a fantastic job delivering Digital Ready for the last two years. Their practical knowledge of social media marketing, online advertising and cloud-based platforms was really beneficial in the workshops because they were able to give lots of real examples of how other small businesses had used these programs. The strategic advice provided to small businesses through the one-on-one coaching was also first-class with all participants receiving clear, understandable guidance perfectly tailored to their business with simple, achievable actions for them to tick off.
– Nat Gee - Digital Ready Program Manager

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