Phil Hughes Office Solutions

Assisting a much-loved local business to improve service delivery with the smart use of technology


Project Details

Telephone 1300 850 958
Key Contact Ryan Hughes

hil Hughes Office Solutions have been providing businesses in Northern Tasmania with the supplies and furniture they need for almost 20 years. Phil and Ryan Hughes are well known for their commitment to their clients and their desire to exceed all expectations.

Over their history, Phil Hughes Office Solutions have dealt with a range of IT providers but were never able to find one that seemed to fit with their business and approach. Eaglecrest Technologies naturally formed a strong relationship with Phil Hughes Office Solutions due to the values and client focus that we share, which has continued to grow over the last three years.

Recent Technology Goals for Phil Hughes Office Solutions:


Improve integration between technology component to improve service delivery


Reduce the amount of irritating minor issues that were impacting on productivity on a daily basis


Provide strategic advice on the implementation of carefully selected technologies

Major Issues

The three main issues facing Phil Hughes Office Solutions were:

  1. Ad-hoc IT System Management. Management of the IT systems for Phil Hughes Office Solutions were being handled internally as a secondary role which consumed significant amounts of time and meant major issues could not be allocated the resources they required.
  2. No Plan for the Strategic Use of Technology. Phil Hughes Office Solutions did not have a technology adviser capable of helping them to improve their business long-term.
  3. Ongoing System Issues. Phil Hughes Office Solutions were experiencing network and server issues for an extended period of time, causing frustration and disruption within the organisation.

Solutions and Results

Due to the strong working relationship between Eaglecrest Technologies and Phil Hughes Office Solutions, the following IT solutions have been implemented.

  • Provide Business IT Support to resolve issues in a time and cost-effective manner.
    • Improved productivity
    • Improved issue resolution time
    • Reduced internal time spent on issues
  • Provide ongoing Strategic Technology Consulting to assist Phil Hughes Office Solutions with setting and implementing a pathway to becoming an industry leader of technology.
    • Clearer Strategic Direction
    • Improved client service delivery
    • Improved business information
  • Investigate and improve network and server reliability
    • Improved system speed
    • Improved system reliability

Next Steps

In 2016, Eaglecrest Technologies have assisted Phil Hughes Office Solutions with relocating to a new warehouse and are continuing to provide strategic advice and technical support on an ongoing basis. We have also developed a strong relationship that has resulted in us collaborating with Phil Hughes Office Solutions on multiple clients.

Eaglecrest provide a level of service and communication that is not often found in business today
– Ryan Hughes - Sales Manager

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