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How our Apple expertise and knowledge of cloud-based programs has played a very small role in the growth of this innovative organisation.


Project Details

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Telephone 03 6311 1403
Key Contact Phil Beeston

S. Group are a local multi-disciplinary design studio integrating architecture and strategic creative design. They have experienced rapid growth in the last five years due to the quality of their work and the strength of their brand and are regularly recognised for their achievements including being listed in the top 100 of the BRW 2015 Fast Starters List, and winning the Launceston Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year Award in 2015.

Eaglecrest Technologies have been assisting S. Group to manage their Apple environment since 2015. The technology in use at S. Group was carefully selected to fit their flexible, scalable requirements and any additions need to fit these criteria.

Recent Technology Goals for S. Group:


Establish reliable technology that allowed them to deliver services as effectively as possible.


Provide responsive support and advice to help guide their use of technology.


Explore new technologies that fit their flexible, scalable requirements.

Solutions and Results

After developing a strong relationship with S. Group and understanding the importance and role of technology to their organisation, Eaglecrest Technologies have assisted them with the following services.

Project Management for their Relocation

S. Group engaged Eaglecrest Technologies in 2016 to Project Manage their relocation to their new premises, Level 1, 10-14 Paterson Street. S. Group requested that Eaglecrest Technologies manage the relocation and coordinate external providers to ensure that minimal input was required from S. Group. This included:

  • Coordination of external providers to relocate applicable services e.g. telecommunications, printers within the desired timeframe;
  • Installation of a reliable Wi-Fi network capable of supporting the flexible and data intensive requirements of the team; and
  • Relocation of storage devices and infrastructure.

Eaglecrest Technologies established a Project Plan including tasks and milestones, then focussed on communication with external providers to ensure that relocation of services was completed as required. Communication was provided to S. Group by the Project Manager through weekly updates including a summary of progress and items to be addressed, while urgent technical items were addressed as required to avoid delaying the project.

Despite complications due to the relocation of the NBN, the Project Management from Eaglecrest Technologies ensured that S. Group were able relocate with minimal interruption on-time and on-budget.

A Cutting Edge Wi-Fi Network to Support the Team

The requirements of the Wi-Fi network for S. Group included:

  • It had to be unobtrusive to fit with their clean, open plan design,
  • It had to handle a workforce of 20-30 people, most of which had multiple devices,
  • It had to be capable of handling large volumes of data.

Key elements of the network design for S. Group included:

  • High-quality Wireless Access Points that were capable of transmitting signals to a wide area,
  • Creation of multiple wireless networks to balance staff across Wireless Access Points to ensure that they weren’t overloaded, and
  • Contingencies to allow for isolated increases of data usage by separating their traffic with the option to connect to a wired network to minimise disruption to the rest of the office.
  • General IT Support

Eaglecrest Technologies have provided general IT support to the team at S. Group including troubleshooting issues with computers, optimisation of their Dropbox cloud storage and network adjustments.

Next Steps

Eaglecrest Technologies are continuing to provide strategic technology advice and support to S. Group when required, plus are collaborating with their skillful web design team to provide some outstanding websites for clients.

Eaglecrest continues to provide us with seamless, reliable, and swift technology service and solutions allowing our business and people to always be operating at our most productive and untroubled.
– Phil Beeston - Operations Manage

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