TP Jones & Co

See how we are we are leading TP Jones in the strategic use of technology to improve their capabilities long-term.


Project Details

Telephone 03 6343 1666
Key Contact John Tuskin

TP Jones & Co have been operating since 1985. They provide a range of goods and services largely within the 63 district however recent expansion to Campbell Town and Latrobe has seen their reach extend statewide. The business model for TP Jones focuses on creating value through the skills and experience of their mobile services team, responsiveness in ordering and the efficiency of their logistics and delivery.

Recent Technology Goals for TP Jones & Co:


Improve their use of technology to make TP Jones an industry leader


Ensure that TP Jones had the technology and network setup required to full take advantage of business opportunities


Provide proactive, reliable IT support that enables TP Jones to focus on their core business

Major Issues

The four major technology issues for TP Jones were:

  1. Ineffective Use of Current Technology. The agricultural wholesale market is a competitive industry that relies on efficiency to maximise profitability. TP Jones rated their current use of technology as only a 5/10, identifying multiple areas for improvement.
  2. Reactive IT Support. TP Jones had a strong relationship with their previous IT provider, but they required support from an IT company that would be actively looking for ways for TP Jones to improve their business.
  3. Ineffective Backup Processes. TP Jones had backup processes in place, but after thorough testing, it became evident that the server and backup processes had not been configured properly and would not protect TP Jones in the event of a failure.
  4. Management of External Technology Providers. TP Jones use multiple external technology providers for software and communications systems. Management of these relationships was not clearly delegated to an individual and was becoming time consuming.

Solutions and Results

After working closely with TP Jones to gain a deeper understanding of their business, the following solutions were put in place. These solutions allowed TP Jones to take full advantage of commercial opportunities over the last 12 months including increasing their number of sites from two to four.

  • Managed Service Level Agreement to provide proactive, reliable technical support.
    • Reduced downtime
    • Improved productivity
  • Establish Eaglecrest Technologies as the central point of contact to manage external technology providers.
    • Reduced wasted time
    • Improved outcomes from external providers
  • Repair server configuration and backup processes.
    • Improved system stability
    • Reduced risk of business interruption
  • Develop plan to improve client services through better use of existing technology.
    • Improved sales
    • Improved profitability
    • Improved communication

Next Steps

Over the next 12 months Eaglecrest Technologies are working with TP Jones to migrate them to the NBN, expand on their use of SharePoint in the field for sales and communication and improve the resilience and redundancy of their syst


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