How-To-Guide: Select The Right Software For Your Business

Posted by Ben Jones on 23 Nov. 2016

How To Select The Right Software

In the last few years, the types of software available to small businesses has changed drastically with the explosion of cloud-based software like Xero and Dropbox. Cloud-based software programs bring significant opportunities for a business to improve the delivery of products and services, however the majority of small businesses have not taken full advantage of these opportunities. This is because the best thing about cloud-based programs is often misunderstood. This article is designed to help you learn what makes these programs so popular and how you can use them to bring significant, positive change to your business!

Why is cloud-based software so popular?

It is no secret that businesses are shifting towards cloud-based software, but this is not because they are cloud-based, it is because they are value-focussed. New software programs focus on completing a specific range of business tasks in a way that adds maximum value to the end-user, instead of trying to do everything but not doing anything properly.

The best thing about this? Cloud-based programs also integrate with other similar software programs.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can link together multiple software programs, chosen specifically for their ability to improve certain business functions, generally with better results AND at a lower ongoing cost than if you were to implement a business-wide software platform.

What are the opportunities for a business using cloud-based software?

There are significant benefits for business that properly implements cloud-based software platforms like:

  • Individual programs are chosen for their specific strengths relevant to your business and function;
  • Programs are highly mobile to maximise accessibility and have better security than you could even consider to implement;
  • They are sold on a monthly basis which means you can cancel components if they aren’t needed or if something better comes along; and
  • Total ongoing costs are generally about 30-50% cheaper than a business-wide software platform!

How do you select the right software programs for your business?

If you are looking at software options for your business, before you waste time trialling endless software platforms:

  1. First, clearly define what you want your business to be in the future e.g. an industry-leader, bringing new products to market and accessing new markets?
  2. Next, identify some high-level goals that will enable your current business to transform into this future business. For example "I need my sales people to have all the information they need at their fingertips", "I need my stock management and delivery to be the most efficient", "I need my team to be able to work together, wherever they are", "I need to be consistently delivering high-quality services across the team", "I need to be able to quickly and accurately assess the financial and non-financial performance of different business units", or "I need to have a record of all interactions with potential and existing customers".
  3. Then, for each of these goals, identify the main tasks that could be completed by a software package to enable you to achieve these goals.
  4. Lastly, you shortlist, trial, select and implement the software that best fits these requirements.

How can Eaglecrest Technologies help you?

Are you struggling with the challenge of selecting and implementing the right software from all the alternatives in a realistic timeframe and budget? To us, this process is simple but we understand that you may not have the time to go through this process. With years of experience in this area, Eaglecrest Technologies have refined their Software Selection Service to get better results, faster, than what businesses can usually achieve themselves by:

  • Taking the time to understanding your needs,
  • Working with you to select the right programs for your business,
  • Guiding you through the implementation process and, most importantly,
  • Providing the training to ensure that your new software is adopted and used as intended.

Eaglecrest Technologies are Integration Partners for Xero, WorkflowMax, Microsoft Office 365 plus we employ Google Certified Associates and Apple Certified Support Professionals.

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