Introducing David Pretorius

Posted by Ben Jones on 15 Sep. 2017

Ben: "Thanks for giving me a couple of minutes of your time David. Is it ok if I ask you a couple of questions that we can share with our clients to help them get to know you better?"

David: "We are trapped in the car for two hours and I didn't bring duct tape to keep you quiet. Can I say no to this?"

Ben: "No."

David on David

Ben: "So David you have a pretty interesting background with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences, you're a qualified teacher and a Rotarian but for the last 10 years you have been leading sales and marketing for another Tasmanian-based technology company?"

David: "Yeah, that's right. Along the way I have realised that I really like solving complex problems and developing people. The combined sciences and teaching background means that I have been able to do that really well in the tech industry."

Ben: "What kind of clients do you normally work with?"

David: I have spent a lot of time working with government, schools and enterprise-level companies with 50+ employees. I like to work closely with thm to bring in the high-level strategic advice to help lead their use of technology. Normally this is focused heavily on managing and implementing change that enables my clients to deliver better value for their customers".

David Quote Image 2

Ben: "Why does technology interest you?"

David: "It's along the lines of the Digital Ready work that you are doing, but how do extend that across the rest of the population? How can we use technology to improve learning outcomes in schools? How can we use technology to improve business outcomes? For me technology is a key part of the puzzle. It is only one piece of the puzzle, but the importance of doing that piece properly is getting bigger and bigger."

Ben: "What do you think is key to driving performance and results?"

David: "Stopping you from asking so many questions?"

Ben: "Wrong answer, try again."

David: "People really need clarity and understanding on the simple things they have do to achieve their goals, otherwise it's just not possible."

David on Eaglecrest Technologies

Ben: "Where do you see the future of Eaglecrest Technologies?"

David: "I can see Eaglecrest becoming the vehicle that people turn to when they want to solve problems, achieve something out of the ordinary or simply improve their business.I was really excited to see that you were successful in getting on to the Professional Services Panel for the government too. Your case studies that clearly demonstrate what you are capable of and what you have been able to achieve would have made a big difference."

Ben: "Word on the street is that you were being headhunted by Microsoft, Apple, Tesla and Liam Neeson all at once. What appealed to you about Eaglecrest and why did you choose us?"

David: "Ha! Liam Neeson? What did I do to him..?"

David: Eaglecrest have pulled together a great team of techs that are very open-minded. They have a very well established brand that reminds me of much larger players, but with a small business agility that means that it can shift and change as our clients need us to. I love the strategy, systems and marketing that really reflects the way that you interact with your clients. You can tell that for Eaglecrest, it really is about the clients first and the technology second."

David on Tasmania

Ben: "Tasmania seems to have found an attitude or hunger recently that has been lacking for the last decade. Where do you think this has come from?"

David: "Tassie people are generally very common sense driven with a lot of ingenuity. Lately it seems like we have just tipped over the catalyst point of having enough people with the confidence that we can compete on the global stage. This means that people are lifting their sights and are getting stuff done. Launceston seems like it has woken up and we are really batting out of our league - just look at what Launtel is doing with their Gigabit connections."

Ben: "What do you love about Tasmania?"

David: "Tasmania is the place that I always wanted to have a family and kids. It has a community spirit that the bigger places just don't have. It's really easy to live in this place surrounded by amazing food and wine, but whenever you want to go and see something else, you can."

Wrapping Up

Ben: "What is something most people don't know about you?"

David: "I did my degree in quantum mechanics and general relativity. I started out life as a software developer and love taking pictures of planets and auroras."

Ben: "Do you like goat's cheese?"

David: "I tried it once. It was ok."

Ben: "Ok thanks - I think that is enough to work with. I might need to take some creative licence to make it worth reading though."

David: "Is that question about goat's cheese going to be in there? Is that relevant?"

Ben: "Yes and Yes."

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