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Posted by David Pretorius on 28 Nov. 2017

How does my aging brain process the modern-day landscape around cyber security?

If I had to sum it up, then maybe something along these lines;

“Cyber security breaches are clearly in everyone’s awareness and we are all quickly realising that the responsibility sits with the relevant government, board & management. To simply leave it at the IT level, is to court disaster! This isn’t just about protecting your data, it’s about protecting your organisation's continuity. Effective cyber risk management starts at the top and having advanced end point and mobile protection should be a 'must include ingredient' in an organisation’s strategy.”

With this in mind, and the rapid pace that cyber security threats are evolving, I was keen to see what Microsoft’s state of play was in this important area.

What is Microsoft's approach?

Right off the bat, it was very refreshing and reassuring to hear the Vice President of Microsoft’s Strategic, Enterprise and Cyber Security division say that;

“Microsoft is NOT trying to become a SECURITY company, BUT it does want to be a SECURE company”

Even though Microsoft would spend more money on security than many of the dedicated global security companies, they have come to the realisation they have a part to play in security landscape, but they can’t do it all. This sensible, non-arrogant approach is very pleasing and to be welcomed.

Microsoft are approaching this area by:

  1. Putting cyber security at 'Microsoft’s core'.
  2. Partnering with other global security experts, i.e. Palo Alto and the local trusted ICT professionals that are on the ground with the end users.
  3. Making sure that security is “Engineered-In” and Fully Integrated
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How do you take advantage of this?

Microsoft has highlighted the priorities for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) below and a recommended strategy to address these areas is to include Microsoft in with other complementary vendors and a trusted IT partner to implement an overall solution.

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What does the future hold?

Microsoft has created a simple, solid framework for organisations to put in place with the support of local partners. We would recommend that every organisation works closely with their trusted ICT partner to start the journey in this space and get to know each of these six areas.

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