Special Offer: Strategic Technology Planning

Posted by Ben Jones on 17 May 2017

Do you have big plans for the next financial year? Maybe you have seen some great opportunities or have some new contracts commencing? Now is the time to plan and improve your systems so nothing is holding you back.

Eaglecrest Technologies wants Tasmanian businesses to achieve amazing things next financial year, which is why we are donating our time to help you achieve your goals. Can you see the importance of spending a small amount of time devoted to making sure next year is a success, rather than just hoping that it happens?

During May and June, Eaglecrest Technologies are inviting you to register for one of our Strategic Technology Planning sessions for FREE, which means that you don’t have a reason not to do it.

What is Strategic Technology Planning?

Utilising the business improvement skills and qualifications of our staff, Eaglecrest Technologies have refined our Strategic Technology Planning process to be simple, straight to the point and highly valuable for an organisation that wants, or needs, to make changes in how it operates.

What is involved in the planning session?

The Strategic Technology Planning process involves:

  • Three hours with ALL key decision makers away from day-to-day distractions
  • Exploring what your business wants to achieve
  • How suited your current systems are to help you
  • Mapping a path to implement the change

What will you get at the end of it?

A clear agreed, understanding of what will help your organisation to succeed and a documented road map to achieve it including:

  1. Clearly defined technology goals
  2. High-level projects with priorities and timelines
  3. Indicative budgets

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