Changing Attitude Towards IT

Posted by David Pretorius on 12 Apr. 2018

The IT Landscape

At Eaglecrest, we're noticing a positive shift in people's attitude towards IT. As tech becomes more user friendly, people are claiming the power back from IT nerds and confidently managing many of their IT needs.

Back in the days of black and white, the IT guys held all the 'keys to the kingdom' so to speak. Clients without a deep understanding of their needs or the possibilities of technology left IT teams to make decisions that ultimately ran businesses.

IT held the power in terms of what businesses could do, achieve and create. Don't get us wrong, this wasn't a malicious control, simply, people just didn't have the understanding of technology that they do today. Just as your payroll team pays people, your sales team push sales, your IT team should find tech solutions that allow your business the freedom to do what they do.

The Shift

Tech has become consumerised - simplification and knowledge have led us to be able to complete tasks like accessing email on mobile or updating your website possible, without having to call your IT guy and memorise all the patterns, shortcuts and jargon. And if you're stuck? Well just ask Siri, Hey Google or Alexa!

These days, businesses are learning where IT experts add value and where they don't. As this shift takes place, we see businesses doing what they do best with the assistance and peace of mind of IT.

Change the attitude

  • Ask the question. Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions or the seemingly silly ones, it will open the doors to possibilities you never knew existed!
  • Stand up and demand the things you need from your technology. Don't accept no from IT specialists. As they say, if there is a will, there is a way.
  • Train people. Group likeminded people together at similar skills levels and help them access training. Or why not bring them together to teach each other a thing or two?
  • Back to basics. Tech is becoming so user friendly that you can take it back to basics and just call on common sense.
  • Take your time. Like anything, people learn at a different rate. Don't stress, it will soon become second nature.
  • Continue to look at the bigger picture and challenge yourself.
  • Change your mindset. Put the outcome first and the technology second.

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