Cloud Computing 101

Posted by David Pretorius on 10 Aug. 2018

Cloud computing is the new normal for businesses managing their services, data, storage, operations and networking. We've cut the jargon to bring you our beginners guide to wrapping your head around the cloud!

Back to basics: What is the cloud?

The term 'cloud' boils down to a marketing term used to describe the internet. Put simply, the cloud is the ability to access anything, anywhere via the internet. You've likely used the cloud without even realising to stream a movie, download photos, email friends and colleagues or host a website or blog.

The cloud has been one of the biggest game changers in tech in the last few years for businesses and individuals alike. The beauty of the cloud is that it is as beneficial to an innovative start up as it is to international companies or government organisations!

It's uses

The cloud is more than just a virtual storage tool, its a platform for storing, backing up and recovering data. The cloud hosts our websites and blogs, allows us to stream content, analyse data, create apps and virtual services and provide software.

It is almost impossible to operate today without calling on the cloud, but an understanding of the possibilities of the cloud for your business can give you a strategic edge!

The pros

The cloud is celebrated by tech's and businesses around the world for its affordability and agility. We've put together our line up of reasons why we love the cloud:

1. Cost

Above all, cost is the most popular reason for adopting the cloud. Forget forking out thousands of dollars on hardware or software that rapidly dates, the cloud is an evolving service and you pay for what you use, therefore it is scaleable, bringing us to our next pro...

2. Scale

The cloud always delivers just the right amount of IT service. The cloud allows your business to access more or less storage, power or bandwidth in real time - so you're never paying for more than you use!

3. Speed

It's hard to believe there is a product that is so adaptable, affordable and FAST! The cloud delivers what you need when you need it so you no longer have to make provisions for capacity.

4. Productivity

It's not hard to see how the cloud improves productivity - cloud computing removes the need for any serious planning or set up so IT teams can get on with creating solutions based on your business goals rather than mucking around installing hardware and software aka. you can get on with what you do best!

5. Reliability

Arguably the most important component to businesses, the cloud is exceptionally reliable. The cloud is constantly backing up, assisting with disaster recovery and delivering business continuity.

6. Performance

As passionate tech heads, we're continuously on the look out for high performance, state of the art technology. The cloud is constantly upgrading delivering the fastest and most efficient solutions in computing software and hardware. Its a no brainer!

The cons

It would be irresponsible of us to just share with you our favourite reasons why we love the cloud so here is our round up of a few cons of the cloud:

1. Downtime

The cloud isn't immune to technical outages which can suspend your business processes for a period of time. Even the best cloud system can experience dysfunction and outages so its something we all need to account for.

2. Security

When adopting cloud technology you're essentially handing over your business and trusting a third party to keep it safe. We recommend chatting with our team about choosing the best possible software and of course, developing a disaster recovery plan.

So you're ready to let your business soar above the clouds? Grab a coffee (or a beer) with our CEO, David and let us introduce you to the cloud!

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