Free To Do

Posted by David Pretorius on 16 Nov. 2018

We’ve had a little work done lately, a little self-improvement. We’ve spent some time redefining who we want to be, what we stand for and how we make it happen. The one trait in our personality that rang true over and over was our ability to create freedom for our clients. And as we’ve spent more time exploring this, we’ve discovered we’re pretty damn ambitious, optimistic and boy do we have a can-do attitude!

We're go-getters

We’re just like you, we’re go-getters, we have a social conscience and we stand by our values, no matter what. And we like to think we know what you want. You don’t care so much about the IT, rather you care about what it does for you. You’re focused on what you do best and so are we. You want to get on with it. You probably want to forget about IT altogether and if we’re honest, that is how it should be! So that brings us to our new positioning, slogan, tagline, catchphrase, whatever you want to call it – Free To Do. We’re here to make you free to do, create, explore, work, connect and retreat. Free to get more out of your time and not be held back by geography, time or technology.

Our changing industry

But we had external forces on the mind too. We chose to shake it up as a way of responding to industry growth and change. Like any business, you need to constantly strive to be different, innovative, nimble and respond to your customer’s needs. We’re fortunate to have over 25 years in the industry, our relationships and deep-seated understanding of our customers is responsible for our ongoing success. We are proud to have built a healthy reputation as a trusted specialist of organisational transformation, strategy-based technology and industry leading IT support. But we recognise that with this growth there is the opportunity to disrupt the way the industry has operated in the past. As such, we’ve embraced this opportunity to set an example for others in the industry, by making employment opportunities available to more young trainees and women. We have also chosen to create a work environment which is inclusive of those with additional needs and other unique circumstances.

So in light of all of this, we felt it only fitting to create the flash new brand you have before you. We hope it resonates, we hope it connects and we hope you’re proud, because we certainly are! If a little more freedom is what you're after, get in touch!

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