Women in IT

Posted by David Pretorius on 14 Jun. 2018

We're introducing Class VR into our local schools and re-evaluating how businesses use technology. But now more than ever we are pushing to continue welcoming females into this male-dominated industry.

Recently we proudly employed a female IT trainee, Sharkierra, adding to our gender balanced workplace. We are striving to change the face of IT technicians and encourage more women to join the workforce.

A male dominated industry

The lack of female participation in IT is said to go all the way back to school. Interest in science, maths, engineering and technology is heavily targeted at boys, opposed to equally for all students. Now, whether this is an environmental issue that is based on peer pressure and issues with some encouraged stereotypes or within the education system, we are still chasing down the culprit. Carrying on throughout our tertiary education system the trend continues; women make up 55% of tertiary qualified jobs, yet only 28% of tertiary qualified jobs in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) roles.

Louise Nae, a member of Ford's STEM Innovation Team believes the lack of participation is derived from an influenced lack of confidence.

From a young age, girls are conditioned to be more cautious, especially in these subjects. Louise believes parents and teachers need to be more conscious about reducing gender bias in the classroom.

Restoring balance

In addition to the forward-thinking start-ups, passionate leaders and businesses like ourselves, the government is also backing the overdue movement, doubling their 'Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship' grant totalling $8 million.

"Encouraging more women into the industry is a great start in developing a more diverse IT workforce. I learnt a long time ago, that you surround yourself with people that compliment your own weaknesses with their strengths. Together, the result means that 1+1 will always be greater than 2”, Eaglecrest CEO, David Pretorius.

Gender equality in STEM roles has a long way to go but it is set to be an exciting transition for organisations welcoming a well overdue balanced workforce

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