Inspiring Women in Leadership Lunch

Posted by Eaglecrest Technologies on 17 Apr. 2019

Nothing says 'Free to Do' like smashing a few gender stereotypes.

Recently we had the pleasure of hosting the Inspiring Women in Leadership Lunch, along with the legends at Launceston Chamber of Commerce and Hays Recruiting. It was an opportunity for women (and enlightened men) to come together to unpack some big topics.

We heard from a panel of successful, self-made women who have made it to the top of their game - The Hon. Sarah Courtney, entrepreneur Holly Bowden, tech-trailblazer Fiona Turner, The Hon. Bec White, Councillor Janie Finlay and our moderator, Sara Redman of SRA Corporate Change.

These powerful women shared their own personal struggles and journeys to success, as well as perspectives on smashing the glass ceiling, instilling confidence in future generations of women, finding work-life balance, and overcoming bias in the workplace.

We'd like to take a second to say a massive thank you not only to our panel and team who made the event possible but to everyone who came along. It was a sell-out success, with over 150 attendees, all committed to creating a more equal world!

Now that's inspiring!

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