Managing Change Like a Boss

Posted by Eaglecrest Technologies on 23 May 2019

Change is never easy, that’s why it so important to equip ourselves with the right tools, so we can stare it in the face confidently, overcome new challenges and grow. That’s exactly what Shakierra has spent the last few weeks learning how to do...

The APMG International Change Management course provides foundational knowledge for managing change in business. Shakierra absolutely smashed the exam (as we knew she would) and is looking forward to using her new-found skills to help clients level-up their businesses.

What does it mean to be a change management registered practitioner?

Change Management Practitioners are trained to understand how change impacts individuals and businesses. They are trained in creating strategies that can be put into place to mitigate the effects of change and help to launch businesses into the next phase of their evolution. Certification helps managers to cultivate their skills and knowledge and is recognised by employers worldwide.

What are the key objectives of change management?

Change management is all about the processes, tools and techniques for managing individuals in situations of change. It involves understanding the drivers of change, how the impacts they can have and how to support individuals through change. It's about creating strategies to harness change in organisations and help it to build momentum to help business owners realise their vision and be #FreeToDo!

What does it mean for customers?

Change can be daunting, especially when it comes to implementing new business technology, software or processes. Armed with an arsenal of new skills, we will be able to offer clients more holistic assistance in managing these big changes, for example by helping them to take a strategic approach to preparing for change and overcoming its related challenges.

Want to chat to us about creating exciting changes in your business and how to manage the change? Hit us up!

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