2019 Password ‘Hall of Shame’ - According to SplashData

Posted by Eaglecrest Technologies on 10 Mar. 2020

"But, if I don't make it easy, I'll forget it!" Maybe. But if you make it easy, you’re putting your personal data at risk. What would you prefer? 

SplashData have both amused and concerned us with their 2019 Worst Passwords list. These top 50 passwords might be cringe, but there is a valued lesson to be learnt… the days of ‘password’ and ‘12345678’ are most definitely over.

Strong and secure passwords are important in protecting unauthorised access to confidential information. This includes personal information such as bank details and identity recognition as well as the loss of emails and important documents.

Here’s a couple of tips from us:

  1. Make the most of password strength guides. This means, when you’re typing in a new password during a sign up process, make sure the strength reads ‘strong’. This would typically appear below where you’re typing your password. Sometimes there’s a line that turns from red to green to indicate weak and strong passwords. The greener the line, the stronger your password.
  2. Use a password vault app or website to keep track of your passwords.
  3. Don’t use any of the following 50 passwords!

The top 10 are as follows:

#10. 123123

#9. 111111

#8. iloveyou

#7. 12345

#6. 12345678

#5. 1234567

#4. password

#3. qwerty

#2. 123456789

#1. 123456

See the remaining worst passwords below.

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