Data Privacy Day: Settings you should change ASAP

Posted by Eaglecrest Technologies on 28 Jan. 2020

Facebook, Mail, Firefox, Uber, Tinder - they're all collecting your data.

Data Privacy Day on January 28 is an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.

Sure the day has passed, but any day is a good day to check your settings!

Businesses have an obligation to keep data safe, and there can be big fines if they have a privacy breach not to mention the reputation damage. But for individuals it's also important that you don't have too much information out there publicly that allows someone to assume your identity, or that apps and websites aren't collecting too much data that a hacker could get hold of.

The first one we think you should start with is facebook as it constantly collects data and it's a hackers dreamland.

But you have more than one app on your phone right? Mail, TikTok, Uber or Tinder - they're all collecting your data. Here's a link from the National Cyber Security Alliance that lists a whole heap of apps and will take you directly to the Privacy Settings for each one.

As the government once said, be alert not alarmed! Technology needs a lot of this data to work effectively, but some people are complacent and are giving away much more than the feature adds to their lives.

As always, if you need to chat about security and privacy for your business data, you can contact us for a chat.

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